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Unconventional Sales Training

Sales Training and Development

Vastly improve your sales conversions by harnessing the persuasive power of subconscious influence. Ensure your team learns by both theoretical and practical experience.

Becoming the Customer - the Book

Understand where the science and art of influence intersect with the sales process.Behavioral Research, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Non-Verbal Communication and Principles of Influence described for sales people.

Sales Entertainment

Bring on the hilarious antics of Dick Powers, Sales Trainer and Buffoon to lighten the mood at your next sales meeting. Laughing together relaxes, bonds and energizes your team.


The bulk of human communication is non-verbal.  Has your sales team been trained to understand this essential skill?

Sales is change

When we ask people to buy, we’re asking them to change. This is one reason why rapport is so vital to establish in the sales process. How are your salespeople establishing this vital state?

Sales Blog

Check out the sales-blog for practical advice and insight into the sales process – below

Dick Powers

Need Entertainment at your next sales-oriented function? Think Dick Powers!

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Beyond the techniques, methods and science of sales is one great truth: become the customer.  Purchase Peter’s book, Becoming the Customer, empathy, influence and closing the sale.  Use his principles, techniques and theories to revolutionize your sales.